Sensory Cabin & Outdoors

We have an expansive outdoor area at Jack and Jill Pre-School that we split into different sections to make the most of the activities we can offer.

We have our Sensory Cabin that provides a quiet space for the children to explore, it has different lighting, textures and sensory toys in here.

We have our Outdoor Classroom Area which is finished off with artificial grass, this means the children can come outside in all weathers but be able to keep dry. This area changes often and activities in here can range from a large role play area to small world toys or even arts and crafts.

We have a large flagged area which we split into two, one area has bikes, scooters etc where the children can run around and not bump into any activities and then an area where we have tuff trays and floor activities available as well as role play/ sand and water or art and crafts.

To finish off the garden we have a barked area, on here we have a slide, a HUGE balance beam which helps the children to develop their physical skills and our favourite Pirate Ship!

Outdoors is our favourite we always have lots of fun!

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